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Aust & Hachmann. Our history

Tradition obliges: Aust & Hachmann is one of the world’s most traditional vanilla traders. We have been bringing the best vanilla to our customers for more than 140 years.
Due to the high quality of our vanilla products and the special tradition of our company, we have long-standing and in some cases even generation-spanning relationships with customers and suppliers all over the world.

Aust & Hachmann Image by Hachmann

More than 140 years of AUST & HACHMANN

Aust & Hachmann was founded in 1881 by Hermann Aust and Rudolph Hachmann (pictured above). Since that time, we have been trading in natural vanilla from all growing regions of the world.

A nose for quality

Quality control by the boss was not much different in 1955 than it is today. In the photo, Herbert Hachmann critically examines a delivery of bundled natural vanilla from Madagascar.

About us

Stylish drying

Vanilla is dried in the sun on the roof of our office building in the early fifties to be ground into powder later. The remaining moisture content is an important factor for further processing.

Vanilla Drying Aust & Hachmann Then
Vanilla Transport then Aust & Hachmann

Across the wide sea

Vanilla used to be packed in wooden crates for the long sea voyage from Madagascar to Hamburg. Here you can see the reloading of vanilla from coastal boats onto the ocean freighter off Madagascar in the 1960s.


About us

Then as now

The company has been continuously family-owned since its foundation and is today managed by Berend Hachmann, Elisabeth and Goran Hachmann in the 3rd and 4th generation respectively. Aust & Hachmann has also been successful in the North American market since 1991 with a subsidiary through Aust & Hachmann (Canada)Ltd.

Aust & Hachmann - from left to right in the picture: Goran Hachmann, Berend Hachmann and Elisabeth Hachmann
Managing Director

Berend Hachmann (middle), Elisabeth (right) und Goran Hachmann (left)

About us

Our philosophy

Our company philosophy focuses on food safety and quality in order to provide vanilla products that are sustainable, safe, of high quality and meet the needs of our customers. We are therefore committed to never compromise on the safety and quality of our products. Our corporate culture encapsulates the essential elements of our pursuit of food safety and includes:


Quality mentality

Promote a quality mentality with the aim of producing products without defects that our customers trust and prefer due to the high quality standard


Quality management system

Optimise the quality management system to ensure food safety, avoid quality deficiencies and eliminate deficiencies by reviewing quality objectives and results.


Laws & Regulations

Compliance with relevant laws and regulations
and internal requirements


Quality responsibility

Promote quality accountability among all staff and third parties through standards, education, training and effective communication.

Quality goals

To achieve our quality objectives, teamwork, accountability and support from all are an essential part of our company mentality. We ensure our quality standards by providing the necessary leadership and resources and conducting annual reviews.