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Aust & Hachmann oHG is a successful company specialising in the production of vanilla. An important part of the success is the dedicated and motivated team of employees who work every day to deliver high-quality products and good service. Each individual contributes to the overall success and together we form a strong team.

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Aust & Hachmann - Management Berend Hachmann

Berend Hachmann

Contact details

Email: b.hachmann@austhachmann.com
Tel.: +49 40-31167010

Aust & Hachmann - Management Elisabeth Hachmann

Elisabeth Hachmann

Contact details

Email: e.hachmann@austhachmann.com
Tel.: +49 40-31167007

Aust & Hachmann - Management Goran Hachmann

Goran Hachmann

Contact details

Email: g.hachmann@austhachmann.com
Tel.: +49 40-31167014

Operation & Sales


Sonja Nyenhuis
Authorised signatory / Sales management

Contact details

Email: s.nyenhuis@austhachmann.com
Tel.: +49 40-31167012

Aust & Hachmann - Christopher Schmidt (Plant Manager Powder Production)

Christopher Schmidt 
Authorised signatory / Technical operations manager

Contact details

Email: c.schmidt@austhachmann.com 
Tel.: +49 40-31167017


Aust & Hachmann - Order Entry Sabine Jung

Sabine Jung
Order registration

Contact details

Email: s.jung@austhachmann.com
Tel.: +49 40-31167011

Aust & Hachmann - commercial employee Sebastian Winter

Sebastian Winter
Commercial employee

Contact details

Email: s.winter@austhachmann.com
Tel.: +49 40-31167037

Aust & Hachmann – Mathilde Schulz (Order entry)

Mathilde Schulz
Assistance to the management

Contact details

Email: m.schulz@austhachmann.com
Tel.: +49 40-31167036

Aust & Hachmann – Laura Klockner (Order entry)

Laura Klockner
Order entry

Contact details

E-Mail: l.klockner@austhachmann.com
Tel.: 040-31167039


Birger Schmidt-Wiking
Processing purchase & sale

Contact details

Email: b.schmidt-wiking@austhachmann.com
Tel.: +49 40-31167019

Quality management

Aust & Hachmann – Nicholas Mockus (Quality management)

Nicholas Mockus
Quality management (QMB)

Contact details

Email: n.mockus@austhachmann.com
Tel.: 040-31167038


Thorsten Grün
Quality management

Contact details

Email: t.gruen@austhachmann.com
Tel.: +49 40-31167018

Swantje Kock
Quality management
Contact details

Powder production

Aust & Hachmann - Shahin Kordani (Industrial Mechanic)

Shahin Kordani 
Technical Operations Manager

Contact details

Email: s.kordani@austhachmann.com
Tel.: +49 40-31167045

Aust & Hachmann – Dave Arff (Pulverproduktion)

Dave Arff
Foreman Production Mill

Aust & Hachmann – Adrian Kordani (Powder production)

Adrian Kordani
Powder production

Aust & Hachmann - Günther Müller (Powder Production)

Günther Müller
Powder production

Aust & Hachmann - Ömer Gümrükcü (Powder Production)

Ömer Gümrükcü
Powder production

Aust & Hachmann - Raphael Haberer (Powder Production)

Raphael Haberer
Powder production

Edward Seward
Powder production

Tube processing

Aust & Hachmann - Alla Budzinska (Tube production)

Alla Budzinska 
Tube production

Aust & Hachmann - Jolanta Baranowska (Tube Production)

Jolanta Baranowska
Tube production

Aust & Hachmann - Sretenka Milovanovic (Tube Production)

Sretenka Milovanovic 
Tube production

Aust & Hachmann – Kai Janssen (Tube processing)

Kai Janssen
Tube processing

Aust & Hachmann - Stefan Gosciniak (Warehouse Master)

Stefan Gosciniak 

Aust & Hachmann - Daniel Klingenberg (Warehouse Clerk)

Daniel Klingenberg 
Warehouse manager

Aust & Hachmann - Alexander Borowski (Warehouse Clerk)

Alexander Borowski
Warehouse clerk

Aust & Hachmann - Khaled Jemai (Warehouse Clerk)

Khaled Jemai
Warehouse clerk

Cleaning management

Aust & Hachmann – Sarah Mentzen (Cleaning management)

Sarah Mentzen
Cleaning management

Contact details