Quality & Sustainability


Today, we are increasingly experiencing the consequences of acting in a less than sustainable manner around the world.

As companies are an integral part of the modern world, sustainability is a top priority for us. We are committed to a sustainable vanilla trade in order to fulfil our social-ecological responsibility as a globally operating company.

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Our programs

With Aust & Hachmann, we have been supporting social development projects in Madagascar for 30 years.

As an intergenerational bulk buyer, we see our responsibility to support education and prosperity in the vanilla-growing regions on the one hand, and to protect the environment by creating a better livelihood for the local population on the other.


Fairtrade certified since 2021

We have been Fairtrade certified since 2021 and thus support fair vanilla production and remuneration as well as product traceability.

Berend Hachmann



Furthermore, we work closely with our sustainability officer Joey Moscovitch, who has been making annual humanitarian trips to the vanilla region of Madagascar since 2013. Joey regularly reports on the vanilla suppliers and project progress on site. This information serves as a basis for action for further support and cooperation.

Joey has set up the JHA Fund as an NGO. Within this framework, Joey takes care of many initiatives:


Partnership with

Education & Medical Care

Cooperation with the

  • Herimanana construction to provide access to educational opportunities and medical facilities.
  • C.R.E.E.: Centre de recherche en éducation environnemental + DREN Direction Régionale de l’éducation Nationale  Circonscription Scolaire (Ministry of Education School District)
  • GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Seite 30-31 
Inspections on site

On-site inspections and reporting so that Aust & Hachmann stays in the picture about the vanilla suppliers and supported projects. This information forms the basis for further action and support.

Joanna Moscovitch, Aust& Hachmann
Joanna (Joey) Moscovitch

Aust & Hachmann’s projects funded in cooperation with Joey include:


Implementation of the Kit Mad/ERE education programme

Malagasy school teachers are trained and receive teaching materials to strengthen local communities and create awareness for the protection of natural resources. Kit Mad’ERE programme 


School maintenance

Aust & Hachmann finances the maintenance of the cyclone-proof schools.


Support for the non-governmental organisation C.A.L.A.

The NGO C.A.L.A. runs two villages in the vanilla region of Madagascar that take in leprosy patients and their families, as they are often rejected by society. The project provides a home for these people, offering medical care and canteens.


Support for the Macolline Nature Reserve

This plant nature reserve was established in connection with the C.A.L.A. villages. Since leprosy patients and their relatives usually do not have any work opportunities due to social exclusion, Macolline not only serves the conservation of nature, but also social integration and educational purposes.