We are pleased to announce the appointment of Joanna (Joey) Moscovitch as Sustainability Officer. Joey brings the experience of eight humanitarian trips to the vanilla region of Madagascar since 2013. Each lasting 3-9 months and sponsored by Aust & Hachmann. Her understanding of the local culture and familiarity of the language will be indispensable while she undertakes the following responsibilities:

Oversee all aspects of existing programs with MDF, C.A.L.A, MACOLLINE, and JHA Fund.

Annual inspections and reports on existing and future school and health center projects sponsored by Aust & Hachmann, our clients and co-sponsors in Madagascar.

Annual on-site inspections and reports at vanilla suppliers for the Aust & Hachmann Group in order to ensure compliance with evolving ethical, sustainable and food safety standards.

Oversee Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance programs.

Maintain the JHA Fund’s on-going initiatives with Macolline, C.A.L.A., USA Ambassador’s Self-Help Program, Duke University Lemur Center, Seacology, and the Lemur Conservation Foundation.

Aust & Hachmann is committed to the long-term interests of the vanilla communities of Madagascar. The addition of Joey Moscovitch to our team will further ensure this commitment.

You can contact her directly: