Date: 27. June 2019

Concentrated natural vanilla extract is manufactured from premium grade vanilla beans. To produce 1 kg of the extract, 300 g of vanilla beans are required.

Product description

  • Natural vanilla extract with vanilla seeds on sugar basis.
  • Packaging is food grade
  • Minimum order: 60 bottles


  • 300g beans per kilo nearly alcohol-free syrup
  • Excellent solubility and easy to apply


  • Retail size: display carton with 12 bottles containing each 25g vanilla extract.
  • Catering size: cartons with each 6 bottles of 100g or 500g extract.
  • Private labelling is available.


  • Due to its good solubility it is suitable to give an exclusive touch to cold drinks.

Also available as bio vanilla: Certified: k.b.A. DE-ÖKO-005 Certification body
Control number: DE-HH-005-05480-BCD

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