Date: 27. June 2019

Our natural vanilla powder is made from the whole vanilla bean and contains its full aroma. We produce both Bourbon vanilla powder and vanilla bean powder from other countries of origin.

Natural vanilla powder

Product description

  • Vanilla pods dried, ground and germ-reduced
  • Packaging is food grade
  • Minimum order 60 items


  • Vanilla content: 0.4-1.4%
  • Humidity: 5-10%
  • Granulation size: 0.3-0.4mm

Bourbon vanilla powder

Product description

  • Bourbon vanilla pods dried, ground and germ-reduced
  • Packaging is food grade.
  • Minimum order 60 items


  • Vanillin content: 0,8-1,8%
  • Moisture: 5-10%
  • Granulation size: 0.3-0.4mm


  • Ready-made retail packaging:
  • Display Tray, with 8 items à 20 g.
  • Catering Size: carton with 6 jars of 250g each with screw cap.
  • We are happy to tailor individually according to your requirements.


  • Natural vanilla powder is suitable for a variety of applications: Its good dosing properties makes it suitable for the production of baked goods of all kinds, as well as sweet and salty foods.
  • Coffee is refined very aromatic with vanilla by brewing one teaspoon vanilla powder.

Also available as bio vanilla: Certified: k.b.A. DE-ÖKO-005 Certification body
Control number: DE-HH-005-05480-BCD

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