Family Business

The company has been continuously owned by the family since its founding and is today managed by Berend Hachmann in the third generation. Aust & Hachmann is also successful with a subsidiary in the North American market through Aust & Hachmann (Canada) Ltd.

Welcome to the internet pages of Aust & Hachmann in Hamburg.

Since 1881 our family has been trading with natural vanilla and its different variants. On these pages you will not only find all information about the high-quality Aust & Hachmann vanilla, the various known and new vanilla products, but also all the certificates and interesting facts about our company and the vanilla plant itself.

Vanilla beans being shipped in Madagascar

In former times vanilla beans were shipped in wooden crates for the long trip from Madagascar to Hamburg. Picture of the loading of vanilla on an ocean liner (Madagascar, in the early 1960’s).

About Aust & Hachmann

Since 1881

Aust & Hachmann is one of the most traditional Vanilla traders worldwide. For more than 130 years we have been supplying the best qualities to our clients.

Due to the high quality of our products and the tradition of our company we have longtime relationships with our clients and suppliers.

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As the global vanilla market officially transitions from short supply, poor quality and record high…

Hello internet! We hereby proudly present the new web-appearance of the company Aust & Hachmann…